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Services Offered
Services Offered
Dr. Polfliet has extensive experience prescribing a wide variety of medications. Having completed training in 2006, she is up to date on the latest advancements in neuroscience and psychopharmacology. Patients with medical problems or a history of side effects to medication can take comfort knowing that they are seeing a psychiatrist who can attend to complicated needs.

Alternative Medicine
Dr. Polfliet believes in treating the whole person, recognizing that all aspects of the patients' health (physical, emotional and mental) are intimately related. Therefore, she encourages use of therapeutic methods which strengthen and act in harmony with the body's self-healing ability. Drawing on her medical training, Dr. Polfliet provides recommendations on natural supplements that can augment other treatments for emotional conditions.

You do not have to suffer from a diagnosable mental illness to benefit from therapy but, rather, to have an interest in understanding one’s own patterns in life and relationships. Therapy can help a person to cope with, understand and process emotional challenges. Therapy can be an extremely valuable technique towards a deeper understanding of oneself and the path towards emotional stability.